《???》: Because there was a disturbence in time space continuem.



Who is this guy, oh he looks cool, wearing those spectacles.

but, has a evil aura surrounding him. and why was he here?

if i remember correctly he was not here. wait as the things which i saw just before i cannot guarentee my own words.let’s see….

《RHUTHER》: Who are you?

《???》:hooh! You want to know me? really? me!

Rhuther….. What does this guy think of himself?..

《RHUTHER》:yes!, who are you? and what’s with that time space blah blah.. thing you are speaking?

《???》: Me, I am a regular person. who wants this world to go forward in a direction in which it must.

《RHUTHER》: who wants this world to go forward in a direction in which it must?


《RHUTHER》: I don’t get you, actually i am not able to interpret anything right now.

The view from my point of view is always faded….

This world from my point of view is always disfavoured…

No , probably it’s the other way around.

I from the point of view from this world am always disfavoured…


I have never done anything to make this world suffer before ….


This world works in a way so as to make me suffer,


So, I RIZEN FRENZEL work in a way , righteously to make this world suffer.


Why did this happened.

I wanted more time, was it my fault that I didn’t have enough time.

I can’t revert what happened.

What happened must happen so that what didn’t happen must never happen. It may seem funny and obvious from your point of view. But….

《RHUTHER》: Whose head was that? And why was she still talking even after her head is severed?

《RIZEN》: Ah, I am rizen frenzel, you can call me rizen, but I can’t give a reason to you on why.

《RHUTHER》:What?, OK! Why?, who exactly are you,?

《RHUTHER》:leave me aside.know yourself fully ,before asking someone else, who knows what it may give you as a result.

Life is short and leaves the one without potential in a situation to suffer, if not adapt.

I couldn’t ….

I know you can’t, may I change by the changes I see in you.

If my life is related even in a little extent as i remember we will meet again!

《RIZEN》: i have a place to be, I think we will meet really soon. Bye… take care of quartina.

《RHUTHER》: what?, wait?

In a instant of a blink of eye, there was nothing but a flower like seed.

The wind carried the smell of ash, which slowly faded as the presence of this rizen went away….. Faded.




I was born to a poor family, socially far backward.

Except the houses near me everyone had a low sight upon us. It was so normal that I didn’t know that we are the only ones who were looked down.

The only source of income my father had was from the town’s governer.

I would be called by the children of my age farther from my house to help out with their works but, never had they let me enter their house to have a glass of water, neither did they come to my house.

The only house which I could enter were the house of uncle Zio.

And and my fathers Co workers.

I only played with my younger sister, as there were no other children to play, the people of farther never come here, if must,i go and help them in their work.

No, I was not forced.

I liked the things they told me to do, I had knowledge of division and addition, subtraction.

But ,never heard of multipication, if my father gets us a piece of jillebi, we divided it into four parts, but never had 4 jillebis at once.

*jillebi is a sweet originated in Saudi *

I learned that when you keep on adding the same number n times you get the multiplied value of the number and n, which seems like a general thing for you, but not for me. Because it was the highest thing of my knowledge then.

Seeing the farther children going to school, I earned for it, not on the knowledge I get.

But for the friends I would make there.

My father used to call me “RIZEN”,he called me again and again whoever Heard the recursive word would interpret it as “reason”.

My reason was to help my sister to study, and learn everything from her after reaching home. If all 3 of us worked then we could eat food 3 times a day. For her to study we gave up dinner.

It was a gamble, she couldn’t work, if anyone had to study, the remaining 3 need to work, if my sister goes to school, i can learn everything from her, so a win on win situation.

He wore a white collar dress, everyday, never did it cringe or get dirty.

My father tried to keep it as a secret from us. But when tables turn,everything is revealed.

That day changed everything in my life.

yes, my father was a slave.

^======《 #4》the end=======^


The art is a non copyright owners… it MAY BE legal, i guess.

this chapter was posted lately as i had exams, sorry!!!

I will work on the #5 on next friday,probably.

I will post the drafts link below once it is ready.

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