Is it you louis…..


《RHUTHER》: What is it ? what are you talking?

《LOUIS》: ?????…..

《RHUTHER》:What is that hitting pan sound??

A huge pan being hit by a metal rod was as such the sound emitted by the surroundings was the sound he felt.

His vision became hazy…..

Yet again there was again a sharp duel edged knife like object hanging behind her….

《???》: why did you kill ksy triac, answer me..£££££…

《RHUTHER》: what?

《???》: what did he do to you, he gave ££££££ your dad.(sobbing sound)

《RHUTHER》: who are you ,what are you sayin…..

It was not too late, the reverse flow of blood began once again.

He was about to loose consciousness .. a hand reached out to him…but it passed through his hand without touching or even making him feel a touch.

《???》: I leave roner in your hand.

《RHUTHER》: I can’t take responsibility of things i don’t know!!!

Who was he conveying this words to???

Who was the girl, why was she wearing that uniform which belonged to his school.

《???》: Don’t hit the ball like that REBECCA.

《RHUTHER》: Who is this rebecca?, why did she hit me?

The pain due to reverse flow is increasing exponentially…

His words never reached those two people who were playing with a ball probably baseball….

Now he couldn’t even hear his own voice.

《???》: See it went far…..???? what?

The ball which should have went in a parabolic like path stopped as if it had hit a wall but there never stood a wall in the path of the ball as the ground as such was very big.


《REBECCA》: Didn’t you stop the ball £££££?

The path covered by the ball could not be visible to rebecca as the path was shadowed by the other person himself… it was a boy by his appearance.

Once again the duel edged angled knife like object appeared behind the who knows who guy.

But, it was different, this guy in his vision was talking to it……

《???》: Was it your work? ACRON!

《ACRON》: Nope! it was actually….zzzzzzzzz

《RHUTHER》: Wait i am not finished yet!

It was like the scenery was changing from colourful to monochromatic,and then only white just like when you suddenly watch sun after exiting a dark room.

The scenery thus left its stance and regained into a well-known form.

He was getting up and experienced a blow on his back,

《RHUTHER 》: LOUIS is that you?

《???》: Who do you think it is?

《RHUTHER》: A cold-blooded dog.

《LOUIS》: Tch… everyone knows who’s the dog here.

《RHUTHER》: Ok,ok so did dad arrive?

《LOUIS》: He was waiting for you for since the last 5 minutes , didn’t you watch the time he would have to go to the office again after leaving us at home, don’t you have common sense?

《RHUTHER》: Look who’s speaking.

《LOUIS》: Shut up and come!

Then they went back to their home, and as he was entering his house he listened to a voice which became normal since the past few days…

《???》: So, why must i train?

《RHUTHER》: Shut up!

《LOUIS》: I didn’t say anything you fool!

He knew that these days he was having many delusions and no one except hm can hear those voices…

《RHUTHER》: Anyways, what are todays snacks? i am hungry! i can eat a mountain lot of things..

Upon entering the house and seeing his mom’s face these were the daily routine dialogues of his day-to-day life.

《MOM》: So, father(his father here is refered to as father by his mother) did you remember rebecca in our school when we were young she was gone missing when we were in rhuther’s age right.

《FATHER》: Yes, i think so, if i remember, it was a huge ruckus back then, hah that brings back memories…

《RHUTHER》: What? does she have a boy accompanying her?

《FATHER》:yes, his name was AVS, right mom!wait how do you know that? rhuther? rhuther?…… why did you a turn a deaf ear to this question rhuther?

it was cause he could not see any of the one present there… why?

As he remembered this rebecca was someone he met in his so-called delusion this day…

Then once again the sharp object which was proclaimed as acron by the one in his delusion appeared behind his father, and made a laugh with such a pitch that made him loose consciousness

And then the one who appeared in front of him was a boy in a hospital in a small room on a bed sleeping tight… if he remembers him he was the one that had appeared to him in his delusions.

《RHUTHER》: If you are here then

where is that girl rebecca?

《???》: Huff,hufffff,zzzz,zzzzz

《RHUTHER》: So you are in sound sleep, then there is only one way to find whats going on here… i will wake him up.

Then he heard a scream…..

《 ???》:No’please ;no don’t!!!! stop it!!! noooooo!!!!!

《¤¤¤》:What don’t you want your son to live? is that thing more important to you than your son?

《???》:No please nooo…

《RHUTHER》: AVS, his name is AVS, as father said…

Then everything went blank and next to him was AVS, with a head of a women in his hand and she was still talking???

《RHUTHER》: Why am i seeing this?

Then came a sound from behind…

《???》: Because there was a disturbance in time space continuum.

And behind him was…….???? a flower??

tata flower (2)


There was nothing behind him except a flower not actually a flower .. it’s actually a seed known as Cynara cardunculus seed.

Everything went black except the seed floating at midst air. and the sound went louder and louder …….

^======《 #3》the end=======^


The art is by CRONALT … it MAY BE legal, i guess.

this chapter was posted lately as i had lost my mobile, sorry!!!

I will work on the #4 on tuesday, probably.

I will post the drafts link below once it is ready.

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