Chapter 2:《I can never forget that day…》

The classes that day completed as unusual. but, something was different even though until now he was seated in the last bench. not once had he felt shy but why was he feeling this indifferent now…

No is he shy due to the girl who entered into his class just 2 days ago,is he feeling conscious today?

No he is not that self protested to take interest in these matters. but, something was different.

Yes ,what was that thing he experienced just that day.. that time… and at that place…

《RHUTHER》: I heard that voice somewhere… but where? why did that hilariously pissed off voice come into my mind exactly at that moment?

whose voice was that sound belonging to was the precise doubt and his main doubt.

《TEACHER》: Hoh! now you even started criticising teachers voice . now you should sit in the girls bench.

《RHUTHER》: no. sorry, mam i was talking to my self and not about your voice, and for your information i would never talk about your voice .

《TEACHER》: Is it, i will leave you just this once. now continue reading from where the previous person left.

《RHUTHER》: i can’t mam!

《TEACHER》: What..why?

《RHUTHER》: As i was saying i was talking to myself and was not listening to the previous person so i don’t know where to start.

《TEACHER》: So, there is no choice ,….. go and stand outside!

The teacher shouted as if a silent cracker was lit and the pitch difference was alike to that of before litting the cracker and after..

leaving with no choice, he went outside and stood there for the entire period.

There he began to recall what happened that day…..

The time when he was about to hit her but remained still and did not hit and gently had put his hands into his trousers

He recalled what he heard.

《???》:The day…

《???》: The time…

《???》:The place…

《???》:The day,the time,the place where we meet were decided even before either of us came into existence….

At the same moment… he saw something behind her a sharp object probably like a angled duel sided knife, it had red eyes covered with fury… not really but looked like as such.

The instant it appeared behind her.

A reverse flow of blood was detected by him inside him ,A fear probably like if you touch me i will kill you was aura emmiting from that sharp knife like object.

The second he sensed this fear in himself he left his pursuit to hit her and gently kept his hand in his trousers.

That night he was not able to sleep even for a single second….

Today (i.e) after 2 days…..

It was friday when the transfer student arrived , the next 2 days were saturday and sunday and both the days were holidays as it was the second saturday. and followed by Sunday which is generally a holiday.

The next 2 days he began to interpret the meaning between the words he heard..

the day,the time,the place where we meet was decided and then the next few words he forgot, not forgot they were in his mind but he could not say it out…

If one were to listen to the words he remembered and said…

They would think that he is saying some story of a movie where a couple who attempted suicide and died after finding out that they cannot live together and found them self in their next lives as by gods blessing.

He was nearly at the age where he would get to know the meaning of romance..

After seeing all the stories of the movies where the hero saves heroine and makes the heroine fall head over heals for the hero…

That was the first time he experienced the urge to showoff himself to that girl and make her fall for him,even though he was not even aware of the full meaning of romance..

As in movies the girl who says i was searching for you, we are FATED COUPLE in our previous life and we could not meet each other in that life so we both attempted suicide so as reconcile in next life……

He thought that this girl may be his fated one in his previous life and was separated from him an to reconcile she came back to him in this life…

He didn’t know the meaning of romance or love completely..

He blindly followed the movies which corrupted his mind by such ill logic things….(May be not ill logic)

But something was true, why did he hear that voice, whose voice was that and felt that he had heard that voice before..

whose? whose? whose?

As he was thinking as such …l

He became embarrassed, though he did not know the meaning of the romance and love as whole…

He thought he finally met his fated one of the past life,he then thought that if she, quartina watches him sit at last bench, she will think low of him, he needed to showoff himself to his fated one of previous life, hence he became slightly shy…

Then, he left his voice out…

《RHUTHER》: I heard that voice somewhere but where? why did that hilariously pissed off voice come into my mind exactly at that moment?





And then the teacher sent him out to stand for the rest of the period outside the class…

And then at last the period finished and he went back to class ,and….

All began laughing at him…..

Laughing like they will not get another chance in their life ,if they miss this chance they could never laugh in their lives forever….

《RHUTHER》: what? why?

Even quartina was laughing at him…


Why is she laughing?

Was the only question going on his mind.he did not care of the entire class , nor even his friends,nor even the teacher.

Only one question was in his mind.

Why was she laughing at him?

Why was quartina laughing?

He was thinking of plans until now to showoff himself before her so she could feel proud that her previous life’s lover was such a great guy.

But why was she laughing ?


why was every one laughing?

Did someone made a funny joke?

Or did someone fart?(lol)

He could not tolerate that something so funny happened and he didn’t know..

Then his vision was fixated on quartina and only then had she stopped laughing and made a expression on her face which was such a hilarious one he had seen in his entire life.

Then what…

He broke out laughing!!!

He laughed even louder than the whole people’s laugh combined…

And only he was the one left laughing then everyone’s face turned into a ????(question mark)

Only quartina was having a smirk upon her face and every one was seeing him with question marked face…

Then one of his friend started mentioning him to look down …

Like pointing only his index finger down to him…

He looked down but there was the same marble floor nothing special…

Then his teacher (female for fans satisfication only… even I prefer female teacher to be imagined here..) took him at once outside of the class and told him…

《TEACHER》: Your fly is open!

《RHUTHER 》: What?

He could not interpret… he was not at such a age to interpret the meaning of those words.

Then his teacher said the real words that made him too hilariously shy…

《TEACHER》:your trousers zip is open!

Then he looked down in embaressment and zipped up his fly…(i found this part expressionlessly hilarious)

Then he entered the class and gave a deep look into quartina’s eyes .. she intentionally made him laugh to make a fool out of him , then he thought she may not be his fated one of his previous life…..

But what was that voice he heard?

Then, he went to class and finished his school and went to the ground. He neglected all the laughs of his classmates for time being…

It was the time for his father to arrive in a automobile to pick him up.. but he was playing ,not keeping the time in mind and that time had already passed.

The time at which his father generally arrives at the gate of the school in a automobile(bike)..

While playing with a volleyball in ground somebody… A tall person bet him on his back very hard, as he turned around and was about to beat this person to dust,the sun covered this persons face , this person was a girl,thanks to the uniform difference between girls and boys,he could identify atleast that.

Then she slided side and bet once again….

Who is this person who can handle such a unhandlable boy?


Was she quartina????

No,a one time met person cannot advance to such a level in such a short time frame…

Slowly the face uncovered bit by bit….

It was his sister 《LOUIS》…..

^======《 #2》the end=======^


The art is again by xodo … it is legal.

I will work on the #3 on Monday.

I will post the drafts link below once it is ready.

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