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The only place where a child can enjoy their life is…

Some say


Some say

《???》:in home with their phone and wi-fi….

Some say

《???》:it is their favourite food spot….

some say

《???》:it is when their friends gather…

Some say ,exceptional cases though

《???》:it is in library(i consider them truly joking though)

Their opinions differ but all of these opinions coincide if it is….


Though it is a place where every person refuses to go when he/she is still a child or an adult but every thing thus far happened in schooling will become a memory that cannot be overwritten 9n future.

A sweet memory or a sad memory depends on whether how you balance your life.

If you enjoy it,it becomes a happy memory but, if had done something which would be called a crime then you will have a sad memory . don’t take that crime as a legal adult crime.

In schools the teachers take every thing which does not involve studying as a crime..(lol)

The schooling crime in this guy’s life involves simple thing which every life form did in it’s life.

one of them is copying.

The only thing that comes to mind by listing to that word immediately is copying during exam(for major guys/gals).

If you did not do that atleast once in your life then I can openly challenge that your childhood was not as amazing as this guy’s.

Even animal’s copy….

They copy actions we copy sentences in exams (lol)

Wait who is this guy! that this narrator is mentioning?

The person i’m mentioning is a guy who is present in every class..

No…. not the teacher. infact don’t think about teacher for a while.

There is a category of people which every class has..

The smarty.

The flirty.

The beauty.

The chatter.

The late commer.

The leader.(though in his child hood always the smart person becomes the class rep. Mine also!!! rise your hand if you had such childhood)

The shorty.

The comedian.

The indifferent.

The airhead.

The tower.

But in his class one thing changed….

The indifferent guy and the comedian are one and the same,and this multi talented jerk is rhuther that i am mentioning now.

He does his studies in a way such that it does not involve any part more than 7% of his daily activity.(the topper generally uses 36.87% generally except if you are a person with knowledge from birth also known as 《yeka Santhagrahi》 in my language)

Thankgoodness he never failed until now.

The age of this guy you ask??

He is a 13 year old boy.(rhuther is the name of the protoganist)

Generally he is a 8th grader..

He doesn’t take his studies seriously but when it comes to food always fastfood is prioritised.

He plays sports ok-ok…

He watches tv.

Generally every kid his age would watch tv.

He was the 2nd tallest person in his class though,he was never interested in the ranking in his studies. But his finger held subject was maths. what ever was the test, if it was maths then the score he scored then was 100%. he sucks in 1st language though it was his mother tongue.(consider that this language is very difficult to write )

But if it comes to social(subject) there was a great discrepancy, it must be a single digit mark(consider 25 to be full marks).

He always keeps his progress report under hidden condition until (or) unless it was asked by the higher authorities (i.e) his parents .

So as to not waste his precious fast food snack which will be bought after leaving from school.

His home was far from the school.so,he used to get to school by motorcycle .. don’t get confused!!! it’s his fathers he would give a ride for him every day as the path to his school came in the way of his father’s office.

His class consisted of nearly equal ratio of males to female. boy’s dominating though.

He did not do comparisons weather it was sports or studies but when it came to height he compared it like no other living form can ever think of…

The 1st tallest person had good grades and was about 2 inches taller than him(probably compared to rhuther)

The girls and boys were separated by a huge gap actually the girls occupy place near one of the wall perpendicular to the board opposite to the entrance door and the place near the other wall parallel to this wall was occupied by boys. there was a table at the wall parallel to the board( the wall facing opposite to board) it was the place where the teachers used to leave their bags/luggage.

But it turns out that this 1st tallest person was a girl.

Now what??


If it was sports he could have fought and settled the matter but it was the comparison of the length of ones body from toe to hair on head he can’t alter it as simply as sports.

He… without choice accepted the position of 2nd tallest person..

(Though he blurts out : I am the tallest boy in class).

It was the time where the educating societies were educating pupils to get into a educating society…

confusing right….

It was the time where getting into a popular university is considered as very prestigious.

The students who will enter such universities would be around 17-18 years .but, to get into these universities was very tough ,there was too much competition and filtering exams….

The craze for one such universities was too high they were called the IIT’s . if you enter one of this university then you would be branded as an IITian . this brand mark was considered very prestigious ….

Normally you would have to search for the job givers and choosing your job was nearly out of your option .

But, if you have this brand on you then the job givers would find you and choosing your desired job was a tough job then…

So, all the schools majorly kept training sections , which had a extra fee and a exam in the school itself if you pass your fee would be reduced that was how much this brand printed impression upon every one.

So this ruther guy had one the 3 important topic required for the entrance exam on his finger tips the other 2 being physics and chemistry.though at this guys age generally both are considered as science .now,due to this even they began to differ .

As all schools even his school had kept such a exam and as usual he aced in maths but not knew what he did with the other 2.

Then he found from his friends that both the physics and chemistry were very tough as all did not perform well in the other two. thus maths became the deciding factor.

As he aced as such in that deciding subject he got selected and that was the first time he heard the word IIT.

The classes were separated by buildings there was a passage in second floor which connected both the buildings.

The classes as such were divided among them as focus classes and normal classes.

The focus name was given by the director representing the difference on normal batch and them.

FOCUS:Focus On Conceptually Understanding Science.

The normal classes were held in the 3rd floor and the focus classes were held in third floor of the other building.

Every day the periods of each class were separated as such by a gap of 10 min.

Morning they had 4 periods two of them being focus classes and 2 normal.

Afternoon they had the same schedule.it was like they needed to travel twice between classes in morning and thrice at afternoon.

The four focus periods consisted of 3 classes and 1 working period.

As though one can tell he inherited his skills from his father who used to be a maths lecturer.

He was as naughty as anyone could have been.he used to jump on the tables from one bench to another after classes and used to always talk to friends whatever the class be… wherever he be seated.

The class incharge even complained to his parents that they should make him stop these activities ..

But everyone knows even having beat a dog long enough it’s bent tail never straightens.

Then came the complains from the PT incharge that this guy always takes the ball and never gives it to anyone,not particularly monopolising but a particular group monopolising it whose leader was thought to be him.

As if it was not enough then came complaints from the sweepers saying that he jumps on benches which is troublesome for their cleaning purpose,then came the security guards saying he never listens goes out on his own….and throws sand on other students..etc

Even the pressure cooker has limits …

If kept under enough pressure in a closed state for long enough it blasts off..

left with nothing his parents gave full powers to handle him to his class incharge(female maths teacher…[gender]only for fan service)

As his ace subject was maths she had no complaints with his studies….

But,the teacher said before that if she received any complaints she will make him sit in the girls bench…. now what, even his parents gave her full powers to make him get changed. she forced him to sit there in girls bench . but he completely refused he refused 100 times very politely….he declared he will never talk in class,but the decision of her strong will cannot be altered that easily.

At last he said he will sit near the board in boys first bench. even then her will did no flutter.

Atlast he made her gave in and she accepted if he sat in the last bench…

What was more required than this he went and sat in the last bench and the teacher who was about to start the class stopped and called some one

《TEACHER》: rhuther where did i tell you to sit?

《RHUTHER》:last bench of course!! that is where i am sitting now .

《TEACHER》: when i said the last bench it is refer’d to the last bench facing the board in between the boys and girls not the last boys bench.

The entrance to the class was just behind the last boys bench on the wall perpendicular to the board. and beside this door after 6 foot steps was the last bench that the teacher mentioned.

《RHUTHER》:what ? Wait…. no way ! completely no way.

《TEACHER》: you have 2 choices… either the girls bench or the last bench choose as you wish. if not don’t enter the class, class rep!class rep!

《CLASS REP》:yes mam!

《TEACHER》: tell the other teachers to not allow him to class if he does not sit in any of these two places. got it.

《CLASS REP》: yes mam!

She was as serious as anyone could have been if she was this serious then no one can alter her will no one… not even her husband. because, she was still a miss not anyone’s misses, he even doubted if she will ever get married with that much serious mindedness.

Left with no other choice he sat in the last bench …

Couple of days passed every thing began to become a normal thing. in breaks he used to meet up his friends and during the lunch recess he ate with his friends.

Every thing was going smoothly until one day he heard there was a transfer student and this student was even taller than him .. and his rage which he kept inside him began to overflow, there was no way to let it out and this news made him become even more agitated…

He thought he must find this person and release all his anger on that person…

Even though this student did not do anything but being taller than him.

That was enough reason to leave his entire anger on this person.

It was the short break and some one came to class shouting the new student is coming to class and is on the way.

His anger was at its peak he left the class to find this so called transfer student. and as he was to step out a shadow fell on him, every one was already inside the class as there was 1 minute left to start the class.

The only shadow left was either the teachers or the new students the shadow was not so lengthy to match the teacher the only left option was the new student involuntarily his hand closed itself into a fist and as it was about to land on the students face….

A second left to impact and he excited the class the brightness became less as he also entered the bight corridor and the fist which was as hard as a cork ball opened it self to bare a free hand and left without touching its target i.e it trajected a straight line-semicircle and then entered his trousers pocket as to set his hand into a good position.(show off)

Everything happened in an instant of 20 seconds.

Why did he miss his target?

was the new student well built?

Stronger than him?

No because the transfer student was not a he but a she.

And obviously she was about one inch taller than him.

She observed him as she saw the hand which should have hit her left her face without touching… she gave a sudden movement so as to protect herself from the blow. just like sliding your head when faced by a ball which is about to hit your head.

Later he came back to the class…

The teacher was introducing her to the class.

《TEACHER》: students, she is QUARTINA, today onwards she will be studying with you in this class.

Whispers began to spread across..

Among them one whisper could be totally heard by every one.

《RHUTHER》: so, this is the new transfer student…QUARTINA….

Then she gave rhuther a sharp look in the eyes…..

^======《 #1》the end=======^


The art is by xodo … it is legal.

I will work on the #2 on Monday.

next chapters link..



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