The atmosphere here is different…….

There was something that could distinguish between this place and the place where everything happened until now….

The air flowing here is too fast if not conscious anyone will be dragged away with it…

No one can stand such a wind but there is one person lying on the floor sleeping recklessly even though the wind speed is far greater than what used to be….

The one sleeping on the floor had a smile on his face more appropriately a smirk.It is as if he was having a good dream which he didn’t have before in his life…

Something is fishy here why is this guy sleeping on the floor even though the wind is as such as it is now it can take him away just like when there are a bunch of papers on the floor and some one switches on the fan in the room…

But he seems fine lying as if that wind was like a blow of wind from some ones mouth.putting that aside for now.

why isn’t this guy going home and is happily sleep there ?

why bother lying here?

《???》: haaah,haah,haaaaaaaah,hiiiiii-hi-hi-hi,ahhhh.

He was laughing hard.. wait!

Why is this guy laughing? wait he was still asleep when did he wake up?

Why is this guy still lying on the ground even though he is awake now?

He should move now but…No,he cannot move from that place . no even if he moves he cannot go anywhere because there is no where to go…..

There is only 36 metre square of area beside which there is nothing . not exactly nothing particularly there is no land (i.e) no place to step….

If one were to go to the edge he/she can see weather there is land or not…

This guy is tied to a chain at the centre of this square areal plot..

That chain was only 1 metre long,which is tied to one of his leg…

Only three sides were free,one side had a door which can be opened or closed as of will by him.but,he cannot escape from that. even if he tried and unchained himself ;that door would lead to a even smaller room which was 1 meter long and 3 feet wide.probably a rest room…

It seems no one can come here if any one came they cannot leave…

Because the depth up to which the edges fall was much more; due to the fact that the object in his hand with which he was playing until now left his hand and flew towards the edge the solid floor did not make the sound of hitting anything even though 6 minutes passed even if we calculate ideally the distance would be slightly less than {1/2×9.8x6x60x6x60>1kilometre} which would definitely cause instantaneous death upon reaching such depth from there….

Even though 8,10,20,30 minutes passed he couldn’t hear the sound of something hitting a floor or even if there was water there was no sound of a splash…..

There was something definitely wrong

why is this guy abandoned?

He seems like he is having fun as if one were to see his laughing face,but his eyes told that he is suffering from something they were calling out

“Some one please,help me”

How long was he at this place even his dress told that ,that the dress he wore was the dress of a 14 year old boy the present person seems like he is absolutely older than 18 years…..

Why was he kept there?

who is keeping him there?

Did someone kidnap him from somewhere to get a lofty prize by demanding his parents if so they should have got the prize and leave him in the worst case fearing of getting caught they would kill him…

Did he do some mistake and the government did this …impossible even the government body has no right to do such thing the most critical thing would be that he killed some one even then the shirt on him shows that he was like 14/15 when he was taken.

The government would release him when he matures or give a lifetime arrest warrant and the final thing which could be done would be to kill him if he did kill someone..

But he was kept in such a place that was not the act of any government body…

That’s not the case…

Did someone maybe a psycho did this for his sadistic happiness?

If so how did that person get him to this place how does he come and go this guy was still alive which means there was a supply of food to him…

Then why was there no one here?

Then that person had a way go come and go….

Why did he leave this guy here…

He was thoroughly tortured by that person. Wait is this guy being tortured by a single person or a group?

But,one thing was certain this guy was being tortured to death….

One can say this after seeing his appearance there were burnt marks on his back as if some one touched no probably pressed hot metal on his back to imprint something..

There were 4 marks which were similar but it was as if the marks get fresher as we see from left to right but all the marks were pretty old as if the freshest one was 1 year old.

Other than those 4 scars there were no literal wounds appearing on by logic this guy must have been tortured once every year.

So,now the question rises … why is he being tortured?

The wind blowing until now seized its motion a resounding silence was put.

And from one of the three corners a figure came into existence not literally

the meaning of came into existence = being born

But until now the scenery was monopolised and the appearance of this person concluded that the above stated things were true up to a large extent.

A smile that was far more outstanding than anyone can imagine was setup upon the face of that person.that smile indeed proved that this person was the cause of the suffering of this guy.


it was as if both the persons present here were competing so as to find who can laugh more outstandingly.

Then finally some words flew out of the person who came to visit him.

《???》:long time no see;RHUTHER…..

The person who was immobilised was still laughing , but his laugh included a slight tension which could be concluded from the change in pitch of his voice.

Finally the person unveils itself from the scarf which was until now covering it in shadows…

The voice, if heard would lead to the conclusion that this person would be a military agent with well built body.but, the person was far from that. the voice itself defined that this person was a thickheaded male. but, in reality this person was a girl with a fragile beautiful face as if it was the definition of a rose.

The next second,the person whose name was spout out by this girl was running diagonally from this girl as if fearing that this girl may kill him….

Though his health conditions were far from good may be it was as if he was even suffering from a type of cancer his body was not fully covered with flesh …bones can be traced out if watched keenly.

Why was this girl doing all those thing to him?

But in her hand was a kit which could not be found any where but here. a type of first aid kit which could not be opened .literally there was no opening port or spot.

The second she was near him.many people were surrounding the edges of the small square floor.that instant the laughs of RHUTHER could not be heard …

No,he didn’t stop laughing!he couldn’t laugh! because he was already flying in the air not flying he was in air but the chains holding him were tight . the situation was as if :if one were to pull a chain using a rod perpendicular to the chain,

These all happened in an instinct of a second . which no human could do ….

the next second only a word flew out from RHUTHER.

《RHUTHER》: leave me alone QUARTINAAAAA.

RHUTHER was already unconscious..

It was due to the second blow delivered by her.

the next second the face of QUARTINA was filled with a malicious smirk and then….

《QUARTINA》: how many times do i have to say RHUU, that you should never laugh…. your have no right to laugh , which was intact and yet you never once stopped laughing in these 3 years.

He should not laugh. he was far weak to rebel against this girl, he had no way to make this girl get pissed except to laugh at her. he lost his consciousness before 3 years all that was appearing before her was a lump of flesh which only knew how to laugh.

She could not digest the thought of someone laughing at her.

The next second she activated the kit in her hand everything went bright.with final words escaping from her mouth…

《QUARTINA》:group A;group B;group D dismiss… group C stay outside .I want to have a leisure talk with RHUUU.

with that the light goes blank…

^======《 chapter 5》the end=======^


The art is by me😎

I will work on the《 #1 》tomorrow .

I will post the live drafts link below.

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