before 5 years…

The atmosphere feels more serene the water feels more clean the light appears more bright.

There in a house nearby the main street..a huge uproar can be heard from within…

《???》:You are gonna be late AVS.

These words came from avs’s mother.

《AVS》:I’m ready mom.

Then suddenly AVS mom gaze turned over to a picture on table.

《MOM》:Now, he’s in middle school.

Seeing the picture for a long time she turned over to her son.


《MOM》:Go, safely.

Leaving the house with only one word..

On the way to school…

Going along the side of road ….

Suddenly he felt a push….

As he was about to turn back…

He felt a sudden reverse flow of blood.

In front of him was rebecca his cousin sister .

Though, she is one year older than him she behaves like his younger sister ..

As he observed his sister….mmmmmm he fell unconscious…


《AVS》:There are many whirlpools in the sky something’s not right. I must be on the way to school there’s certainly something wrong; something is wrong .. wrong?

where am i?

who am i?

what am i?

Were his thoughts…..

Every thing is becoming slowly faded something’s not right…

Slowly…. again his consciousness began to fade away.

Every thing’s becoming dark no probably black…

And the world is gone ..

Where am i?

Who am i?

What am i?

Then suddenly the world is filled with a red coloured fluid…

what is this?

He could hear screams…..

《 ???》:No’please ;no don’t!!!! stop it!!! noooooo!!!!!

《¤¤¤》:What don’t you want your son to live? is that thing more important to you than your son?

《???》:No please nooo…

what’s going on?

where am i?

what is this place ?

Once again his field of view was covered in red and in his hand was something that should never be…

His mothers head .

It would be a happy scenery if his mother was taking his hands to sense them ….

But there was only her head in his hand no sign of her body


What is this?

what am i seeing?

Noo this shouldn’t be happening.

why do i feel like someone is watching me?

some one is laughing, no probably crying; No I was on my way to school i saw rebecca and ….

《???》: ACRON don’t kill him.

what who’s acron?

who shouldn’t he kill?

why should he kill ?

《AVS》: Ahh! yes, rebecca was there yes, she was on the way to school and i saw her. she was calling out for me every thing was clear cut until that point and then…..

everything is bright ?????

《???》: AVS are you all right ? you are now in the Apollo hospital near the station. you suddenly fell unconscious.

《AVS》:REBECCA is that you..

He couldn’t open his eyes .. maybe due to strain..

《AVS》:No! Who are you?

what is this?

why am i in a hospital?

《REBECCA》: As i said you are in hospital.


you are still half asleep AVS.. take some rest and you will feel well.

《AVS》: Oh! alright .

And now AVS slowly opens his eyes.

[until now his eyes were closed].

He observes something similar and nostalgic he saw his sister but something is different she is looking quite young no she is young as if she was 5 years before..

And then he watches himself his hands his legs are all quite small no this must be a dream nooooooooooooo….

《AVS》: No this is a dream yes,this is a dream. I must wake up otherwise acron will be mad i was training with him just before..


《AVS》:No,nothing special he is just a friend..

As AVS says this he feels a slight pain in his chest because he can see his mother

Near the door of the room.though not fully opened only her face is slightly visible talking to some one on mobile.

And we can see a flash back where initially when he was about to go to college in chapter 1 we see a table where both the pictures of his father and his mother were hung with incense sticks near them…..

Yes,They they were dead until…

His mom whom he did not meet for the last 5 years.

Even if it was a dream i can finally meet my mom..

We’re his true thoughts…

Tears rolled from his eyes continuosly  sobbing hard .

《REBECCA》:What ? when did you became such a cry baby…

《AVS》: No… it’s just that i hit my leg then that time.

He didn’t knew what year it was, if his mother was there ;then it was possible that it was before 5 years for certain ,He didn’t knew why he was in a hospital,He didn’t knew why he became unconscious. he cannot come up with a good reason of why he was crying.

There were only two possibilities

1) he was dreaming.

2) he probably time travelled.

The 2nd possibility was too good to come true for him….

《REBECCA》: Oh! is that it,I thought you forgot your home work like always and began to cry so as to ask me the solutions of the questions.

As he heard this…

He remembered the days when he was actually 5 years younger he would always forget his homework and ask rebecca to solve the given questions.

Everything was nostalgic ..

And suddenly the hospital room door was suddenly opened and a tall figure entered the room.

It was none other than his mother.

Tears rolled out unconsciously he was already sobbing die hard as if there were a lot of oceans in his eyes.

Tears rolled out and out until his mother came near him

And gave him a big ….. slap????

^======《 chapter 4》the end=======^


These arts are by cronalt … it is legal.

I am working on the chapter 5 right now i will post the live drafts link below.


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