《???》:so,why must i train?

One person was at a strange location, which can only be described as a park shelter beside a playground.

Any one passing by were having same thoughts….

Mainly they were some elders, with their children in kinder garden.

They thought their kids a lesson on seeing this scene.

Their conversation went like this…

《^~^》: If you don’t make friends in school you will end up like him talking to yourself. And then you would be called a creep.

Their gazes were piercing through him..

But,no one knew what that person was talking or with whom he was talking.

He was all alone with a toy.

playing with those things at this age ..

Any one would think the same.

But,he was not playing.

The location may be as such but,

It was a small place where at max you can play tabble tennis.

AVS asked again in a reluctant manner looking at a small sharp object infront of him he can only sigh! and continue his talk.

《AVS》:You said that even though she is their queen they only have her so as to held you the acrons under control.

The solution was simple if they kept her alive then as the acrons also pray to her as their goddess ,they could demand anything they want from acrons.They could command them anything they want. The total power shifted into the hands of venerons as that girl came into existence….

Seeing the troubled expression of AVS, ACRON excerted out these words.

《ACRON》:Due to some unknown cause I, the acron was not held by the people of acron but by other.

《AVS》:what?.I just came to a conclusion which can explain everything, now you are confusing me again.

AVS shouted in an confused manner .

regaining his calm he again spoke out…

《AVS》:If you were held by an veneron species then what you said upto now does not make any sense.

He exclaimed all the thoughts he had, Nothing acron exclaimed made any sense….

《ACRON》:Though you doub’t me so much; you must atleast listen to my words completely and then should you conclude.

《AVS》:Sorry, please continue..

Feeling slight resentment he said those words..

《ACRON》:Though i said the other, it is neither a acron nor a veneron.

《AVS》:Oh,then were you held by some one from the same species as the queen?

《acron》:Though my answer is no ,I cannot go to further details on who held me.


《ACRON》:Because, I am forbidden to reveal my past holders identity to the new holder, it is a inbuilt restriction which i cannot override, so…

AVS could only conclude that there were many other species than these three ,he wanted to ask ;but he thought that it might not so important.

As the last sentence had more questions than that..

Why cannot he disclose his past holders details..

But,the answer was in the question itself,He couldn’t disclose because there was a restriction in him[may be like a restriction in software programme].

《AVS》:Ok, i understand some what. so,what are we training for today ?

《 ACRON》:So,today the basics;you will learn how to diagnoise the situation through me , that is with the help of me though.

The atmosphere was nice;the stimulation given off by the environment was so good but…

AVS could not understand what through me means.

his face turned from

/Ok good/


/What the hell/

Seeing this acron understood the situation.

He was far more advanced in understanding any situation,i.e far more better than any one.

《ACRON》:First of all, I need your blood so as to help me to diagnose you.

ACRON asked AVS in a dignified manner.

《AVS》:Though i may be wrong, you have already taken a drop of my blood while waking up or rather starting up! isnt that enough?

《ACRON》: I see You have, quiet a good observation. but, that was only for activation i need quiet some blood for the analysis.

By those words AVS got a strange sense of fear as such that of a child fearing from the injection which is done when you are sick.

《AVS》:Blood, it’s just to diagnoise right! Then a drop may be enough.right?

ACRON catching that this guy is very much worrywrat;He continued on..

《ACRON》:Yeah,yeah; A drop’s more than enough.

After using a needle like object that was nearby ….probably,a fallen stick[a small stem] from a tree.

AVS pinned his own index finger of left hand and a drop of blood fell out just like the water drop that falls out of the tap few moments after the tap is closed.

And immediately ACRON’S top surface protruded out pointing out a type of analyser that had an inbuilt system which can read all the data relating to blood.

Suddenly acrons speakers responded loudly it was as loud as if there was some festival going there; any one with in a radius of nearly 30 metres would hear it.

The words which spilled out were…..

《ACRON》:Tachyonic activity detected, subject…

Before he can realise/hear this AVS fell unconcious…..

And in the next moment everything in his consciousness turned pale white.

everything is bright ?????

《???》: AVS are you all right ? you are now in the Apollo hospital near the station. you suddenly fell unconsious.

《AVS》: rebecca is that you….

^======《 chapter 3》the end=======^


The art is again by xodo … it is legal though…

I am working on the chapter 4 right now i will post the live drafts link below.

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