Chapter 2 : 《THE BACKGROUND》

The Andromeda Galaxy can be seen without binoculars.

It is visible to the naked eye from Earth on moonless nights,even when viewed from areas with moderate light pollution it is clearly visible.
The 2006 observations by the Spitzer Space Telescope revealed that the Andromeda Galaxy contains approximately one trillion stars.

Many stars blinking just like the lights during a DJ party.

Among one of the stars.

There exists The triple star Kappa Andromeda (B9IVn) has one planet about 13 times the mass of Jupiter .

It is known as The “super-Jupiter” companion.

Though we kept the name ,it also has another name kept by some one other than us ,it is called as RONER.

In andromeda galaxy on planet RONER long ago…….

There used to live two types of people

《Acrons》 – the one with brains.

Not literally brains ,they who have the power of using their brains up to full-scale. They think every thing logically, mathematically,but not practically.

– and –

《 Venerons》 -the one with strength.

Literally is said that the weakest of venerons can easily lift off a

Public transport bus on their head.

Just like ants back on EARTH…..

Ants can lift up to 10, 100, no, 1000 times their own weight right up over their heads!

They were in harmony even though divided by abilities.

That was true until one day…

《Ksy TRIAC》 emerged as the king .the first of his kind with both acron and veneronic abilities .

Both the beings lived together but due to other planets Peoples urge for minerals that were only available only on RONER .

They attacked roner for its minerals.

Their scientific development was not up to the mark with the other planets beings and …

Hence as only venerons were the ones with strength.

They were sent to war. With out even one acron. They had a major loss in population their king ksy triac came up with an idea ,so as to reduce the casualties he thought ….

The venerons turned against acrons as the inequality rose.

Then to settle this..

《KSY TRIAC》:Losing 1 person is better than loosing 100 people.

Hence forth he commanded advancements in technologies to acronians who then emerged even stronger machines than the beings venerons could do in fight.

During this period…

The development of the society was handed over to venerons due to which

1)The planets daily life development was not up to mark .

2) The planets safety, war and related matters were far more advanced.

By seeing the development of their technology by this large-scale the other beings gave up on war.

The planet came to peace, one again the harmony was restored.

The losses decreased, the king after that began taking walks on his kingdom to explore the development done by the venerons not expecting too much as he knew the difference between their thinking capabilities.


one day while making rounds in his main kingdom he observed a boy

《LA DE ECARON》 of acron tribe seeing his tact’s in his normal play game he got interested in him .

He thus adopted him knowing that he was abandoned.

After few days the king finally had a child who was named

《KA CHI VENETERON》 as the king was a special being he thought his son would become like him but he turned out as a veneron.

Even though, he loved him so much as time passed ecarons abilities were recognised by every one and on ecarons 19th birthday .

Triac wanted to give him a gift.. Then he conclude one thing and assembled the important people of the kingdom and gave off a speech.

《TRIAC》:Welcome to this meeting, sorry for the inconvenience, but this is an essential meeting,without any time lag I will get to the point , until my death.

《ECARON》 will serve as king to this planet with country development as major objective .

And ……

《VENETERON》 will take care of army.

As it was a good thing no one objected and the kings wish came into action.

From then on wards things became awkward between ecaron and veneteron .

VENETERON always tried to avoid ECARON.

May be due to inferiority or may be jealousy.

Time passed like as always there were many changes in the society,the king thought it was the right choice.

It was soon 23rd birthday of ecaron but the atmosphere every where was not as such because a great person died on that day. yes, TRIAC died .

Owing to his death veneteron immediately became king and banished all the acrons to roner 3 ( a subtitute planet [ basically a moon of roner]created by their scientists)

He declared

《VENETERON 》:So as to end the fight between both the tribes which started as a fight between ECARON and me this is my only choice.

《ACRON 》: why doesn’t your tribe leave the planet and go to roner three.

《VENETERON》:This is the land that my father and I grew I want to be the one who saves it not some child who got adopted and became king. I will save the land that once my father walked.

Many people were there at this meeting many discussions were going on but one was too loud.

《???》: you killed your own father{ he spells the king’s name} to get the throne ,don’t act like you are a great being you are even cheaper than the ranceks[ animals similar to pigs back on earth ]. Stop messing around,and let the acron be the king and we can settle the matter here.

《VENETERON》:who was that?..

How dare you to even spell the name of my father.

I will never go to such extent to become king ,the one who killed him was….

He hesitated at the next moment.

….no word escaped his lips…

Then he regained his posture and gave a final statement by that every thing came to stop.

《VENETERON》: the one who killed my father doesn’t matter.he died due to his own lack of ability.i can’t say any more,acronians leave the planet and go to roner 3,I am your king I give you the permission to live independently from us venerons . Create your own society prosper and leave now .

You have only 2 weeks time all the preparations will be taken care of by ECARON .now leave us.


By this every one believed that veneteron killed the triac.


Soon threats broke out which should not have taken place every thing was due to the death of triac.

And the fight between them continued on and on but no one succeeded until they grew old and eventually both died.

But ,due to their immense knowledge in their fields their brains were isolated for studies .

But the next generations were quite logical and transitive.

So as to end the fight. both the tribes agreed on a peace treaty.

As time passed every one began to forget that both the tribes were enemies and began to live happily.

That was……..

Until one day a scientist of roner 3 began to reverse engineer the brain of ecaron and was successful and after reverse engineering ecaron required a body to sustain but there was no way a reverse engineered brain to get a body, their genetics was not too developed.

Hence acron was created.

similarly the scientist of roner created veneron.

But we were still at the stage of initializing and were required for further advancement .

And further after many years a new queen emerged on roner .

She was a special being blessed with both intelligence and strength.

Similar to 《KSY TRIAC 》and so every one worshipped her ,the legends of both the tribes showed that such beings are named as Triac’s after the great king


So as to protect the queen the scientist invention was used and was held by 《CRONALT APLHA》.

The previous holder of acron….

ACRON tribe and VENERON tribe after that, regained their knowledge of past and war was once again broke out .

And during the war acron was with alpha….


Back on earth…

a sleepy face talks to a object . In a room which is so large that 5 cots can the arranged there ,it was the living hall of the owner who probably may be avs father and mother…

Any one who may see the one talking to a object will think he must be mad .

《AVS 》: so at that time you were in the place where my uncle was and that alpha guy gave his thingy to my uncle who gave that thingy to me.

《ACRON》: I can’t comprehend what a thingy is bit I am able to guess that you are making fun of me.

Then again continuing with a


《ACRON》: We were attacked severely by veneron tribe and after that we escaped through photonic warm hole jump(PWJ) and ended up on earth.

There we met your uncle as we were severely injured we couldn’t properly ask for help but he immediately came forward to help,even though we were different beings it was as if he was expecting us there ,he was on the exact spot of our arrival.

《AVS》: what?

《ACRON》: it was something like that,then we were saved by your uncle but venerons followed us and ended up injuring your uncle and killing alpha.

At the edge of life after knowing our story your uncle told us to take help of you saying something that you were very interested in these type of things.

I couldn’t comprehend what it meant. But your uncle is the evidence of all this.

As veneron killed triac. So as prevent same thing happening again, i was assigned the task of saving the queen from the veneron hands.

No matter what, i must return to roner and save our queen.

They already know about you they processed the brain of you uncle and took all the information.

So that you can be saved from the venerons you must accompany me and save our queen.

Now that as they even followed us here to earth even your family may end up in danger so you must…

《AVS》:wait !! wait!! you said you must save your queen but isn’t she queen of roner that is veneron queen…


And some where not on earth, during their conversation out side ,not outside the house outside the galaxy in ANDROMEDA galaxy on roner .

A creature with huge mass in front of a small shadow laughing at the sight of a small girl sitting on a huge chair as we go nearer to the huge beings shoulder we see a sharp object with sending out these words

《???》: now you wait! acron you will die in front of your own queen…”.

^======《 chapter 2》the end=======^


I am working on the chapter 3 right now i will post the live drafts link below.

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