ACRON Chapter 《1》

…….. ……… …… ………. ……..

The sun burns same as ever .

People taking a walk in the morning environment sweat like as always.

The weather is too cool may be due to the seasonal changes or may be due to global warming.

It was a normal sunny day it is a good time to take a walk except for a sleeping face nonchalantly on a pillow in a small room.

As its eye’s slowly weaver due to a sudden noise may be a notification in the beings mobile phone.

As like it was too difficult its eyes slowly open upon opening the field of sight is completely lit up with sunlight emanating from the window beside the bed.

As a normal thing he wakes up and a few words spill out of the beings mouth

《???》 : ok google!

<¤¤¤>: beep!

As the sound is heard there is a

*google dot* on the reading table near the door of the small room.

《???》: what’s the time?

<google dot>: it’s 8:47 am.

The reaction on the beings face changes rapidly as if changing from

” i have to make this day memorable”


” i failed once again”.

《???》: Not,again.

Then in a span of few seconds something caught his attention.

He observed the calender hung on the door it was executing oscillation normally a damped one though the amplitude was not so high it was as if some one had just closed the door which was open .

But he knows that he always locks the room door before hitting the sack.

Then once again something caught his attention it was not other oscillation but a ringtone .

His mobile was ringing or otherwise some one was calling him.

As he took the mobile and took a sharp look on it’s screen .

he let out a sigh .

The call was from Reinhardt.

Maybe he is This guys friend.

《Reinhardt》: you are late once again .

《???》: I’m on my way, i will catch up immediately.

《Reinhardt》:Hurry up you fool . Do you want to die in his hands once again? Hurry up there’s no time.

《???》: yeah I’m on my way, bye.

He is late once again.

He gets that he is late and rushes out of the bed preparing to go to ?????.

He rushes into the washroom completes the daily routine ,put’s on trendy clothes.

Opens the door of the house in which he was untill now and …

A small smirk develops on his face.

And few words slowly come out of his mouth.

《???》: I’m off.bye mom,bye dad. See you at evening.

Immediately he rushes out not waiting for any reply from the ones he called out for.

And on his way to ?????.

He stops at a cross road .

Then slowly watches The signal light as it was about to turn from orange to red there was a sudden stop in the movement of air as he was about to move there was a sudden lightning before him and he was in a new place where he saw himself and a sharp object stabbed on his shoulder the picture then suddenly gone blank.

His consciousness had only one question in mind.

《???》: what the hell happened?

As he regained his consciousness there were many people surrounding him at the cross road .

every one thought that he must have got a heat stroke and fell unconscious.

He regained his senses .

Then he heard a shrill voice calling over.

《???》:[acron don’t kill him].

He thought he must have slept a little late yesterday.

《???》: Did i hear that voice before?

Thinking as such the voice disappeared.

Then he began walking with a normal pace towards the college .

As the bell rang he remembered he forgot to do his assignment and let out a long sigh!!!

《???》: huh,there’s no helping it.

As he was about to enter the college he saw a star above his head .

Though it was morning ?

And he thought i must stop pulling out a all nighter once and for all.

《???》:Today i must leave the first two Periods ,and sleep tight.

As we see the star closely…

It twinkle’s and dissapears no one saw it and may not see it anyway.

Now the star became bigger and bigger as we move towards the star .

5 light years passed .


A quiet place no rather it was an abandoned place every thing was lit up by the nearby stars no sound pollution, no traffic,but only one thing was there light .ofcourse it is space which is a vacuum itself sound does not travel in vaccum.

As the light lit up every thing ,only one dot was fast approaching it was not light but a laser as the light approaches a huge body approaches along the side with a few seconds delay behind it were some smaller bodies following the huge body like the baby ducks follow Their mother the smaller bodies followed the larger body.

but, they were not following ,they were attacking them with some sort of laser or some photonic beam as the body comes closer it’s texture becomes more clear.

It was a space ship.

A big space ship which was being chased by smaller space ships of similar structure as the front side of the space ship comes closer ….

A unknown creature having the same sharp object as seen in 《???》dream is there .

A loud conversation was going on although only the demonic creature can be seen.

their conversation goes as such


《unknown creature》:what’s the escape statistics and engine function status?

《x》:engine 1- breakdown engine 2- 38% efficient only escape statistic available photonic warmhole jump(pwj)

《unkown creature》: activate PWJ immediatly!

《x》: Roger that, PWJ only efficient upto 70% command reqired to override safety precautions.

《unknown creature》:

command override


《x》: command accepted PWJ in

“5 ..4 ..3 ..2 ..1” .

And immediately there was a sudden lightning slowly the seen disappears into black..

Eating away the only way to recognise existence of any thing in a place where there was nothing but vacuum.

The clear galaxy becomes clearly visible with only stars left,no space ships, only celestial bodies every where in the field of view.

Then some one is sleeping.???

Back on earth we see 《???》 slaking off in class after being in a tedious lecture its about time for lunch recess he slowly ate his lunch and went into the edge of the garden there he was seeing his friends doing some coding may be an assignment then he thinks…

I should better study if not i would end up being a NEET

(No Earning and EmploymenT)

《???》: I must also join them ,huh it’s about the time for the recess to finish huh!!!

And suddenly a splash of photons gather in front of him so as to accumulate

as a sphere and in a flash the field of view went black and

there was a person in front of him covered with red black fluid which may be recognised as blood.

Seeing thoroughly he sensed something similar to him in his sense he was his uncle a researcher Who was on leave to enjoy a holiday in Switzerland.

This morning he received a call from him as he was very fond of him.

[here the uncle is his mother’s brother]

There was a rather subtle atmosphere.

No sound could be heard, even his voice could not be heard by himself.

There he lent him a golden box covered with fluid and he spit out these words


[never open this cron box,AVS].

And he vanished into thin air.

Thinking what the hell happened he went back to his class slowly dozed the box into his bag.

Only one thing was clear to him something happened to his uncle whom he liked.

Like the most valuable thing in his life .

What happened?

《???》: I don’t know.

What did he say?

《???》: Never open this box,AVS.

there was one thing he knew that this was his nickname, only his best friends and family people knew .

Is someone pranking me?

This was the only thought he had.

The classes finished……

A week has passed since that incident took place ,no sign of his uncle was found ,even when contacted his uncle’s

comrades they said that he went missing last week and an investigation department was sent to find about his where abouts.

It was then that he believed that something happened to his uncle something must be wrong, no something is wrong.

He could not think of any thing which might have took place even his uncles comrades who went along with him are not missing only one person went missing that too was his uncle .

He gave up thinking at last as he was already in lot of tension as the tests were fast approaching.

The exams were finished .

At last it was saturday and 《AVS》 is lazing back in his room keeping the MYSTERIOUS box in his hand and ear pods in his ears

he was about to throw the box at a corner when he found that there was a small hole from which light began sparking from it.

And when he tilted it slightly the

sharp edge left a slight cut and a drop of blood fell on that spark and in about 10 seconds the box opened itself and there was a sharp

object within it,

which was similar to the one he saw in his dream a few weeks back.

thinking as such he leaned his hand to reach out to the box.

Then the sharp object began to levitate and made a very peculiar sound that

was same as the sound which he heard on the day he fell unconscious.

a few seconds later the sharp object lent out a sharp steam of laser that scanned him thoroughly top to bottom and began to talk back to 《AVS》 as follows


《ACRON 》:system activation in 5 seconds.

《AVS》:ahhh! what?

《ACRON》: Hello i am ACRON from andromeda galaxy . ACRON.

《AVS》: What?

《ACRON 》:I have come here,hence forth as to obtain a living form to accommodate help towards my planet

《AVS》:what help towards your planet ?

《ACRON》: Yes, we are attacked by our own veneronic species in order to save our Troner, in your language save the queen, we must destroy my twin veneron.

《AVS》 :What your twin ?


《ACRON》: Yes,due to him many of living forms in my planet have been ruined?

《AVS》:Stop it there, how can i even believe you,I don’t even know you?

《ACRON》:Who gave me to you ?

《AVS》: My uncle .

《ACRON 》:He was attacked by veneron who tried to save me ……

^======《 chapter 1》the end=======^


I am working on the chapter 2 right now i will post the live drafts link below.

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