This is a story of a boy who is normal!

Is he normal?■

<So, whats the big deal every story are all alike>

If you think this then you are mistaken.

The intro here is《☆》



Have you ever heard about this word?

Did you know they travel with the speed greater than light.

What the hell is this guy speaking.

Is this what you are thinking?

Is he nuts!

Then you are definitely wrong!


They are particles but not regular!

Regular particles have mass and can travel with a certain speed.

But, tachyons have imaginary mass.

What the hell is this guy talking imaginary mass don’t mess with us

is this what you are thinking may be not.

If you think it is tough to accept what i said then hear this-》

We all know that light is a wave《now just put a hold to duel nature for now》

Which has the highest speed as the teachers taught us.

But it’s not completely true.

What so it is partially true stop sleeping you may be this is what you are thinking.


Einstein’s theory gave us an equation.

That mass varies with velocity given by formulae:》

Mass《with velocity v》=

(Mass《at rest》/

[(1-(v/c)2)]1/2 )

If this formulae is not clearly understandable use google and type

Mass of particle with velocity v.

by this as for anything to exist its velocity should be <= c

but that is not true.

For the particle to exist,it can have any
finite or infinite speed which also depends on our point of view《you probably know the concept of frame of refefence》.

The partcles which have speed less than c can interact with all the other particles with speed less
than c but for particles with speed > c
they can only interact with particles > c.

So here if v >c we get an imaginary term in denominator .

There did you get my mathematical explanation.



And it is said that reaction precedes its cause for tachyons.








so what ?¤_¤

what if from a non inertial frame some thing moves with speed > c will that thing be able to interact
with these tachyons and produce a reaction to preceed its cause?


This story is about a boy who experiences such thing what would it be? What would happen?

If this were happening in the real world.

It can’t react so nothing will change.

Are you thinking this.

Think clearly 《☆》

Interaction is the process for a reaction to start but to proceed further after interaction again interaction is not neccesary.

Hope you will enjoy the implications of science and possibilties with a slight slice of life and mysterys and there is nothing super natural except the introduction of psions which will be introduced may be in chapter 45

With best regards…..



[.<Let me know if there are any typos>.]

/Make sure to comment on any doubts/

I may reply with a day possibly[¤_¤]


Chapter 1:

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